2002 NEWS

The Games Come to Manchester
Includes details of the Commonwealth nations competing and practical information on Manchester.

All About Manchester
A look at the commercial and cultural capital of North West England.

Sports & Schedule
A rundown of the sporting events and venues. 


Where the sports are taking place. 

KIT - The Games Mascot
Everything about Kit, the official mascot of the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

How to be a Volunteer

Links and Contacts
Useful Commonwealth Games contacts and links to relevant Manchester websites.


Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games' logo has been created as a result of the pride and the passion of the Manchester bid and has now been converted into the corporate identity that is 'The Spirit of Friendship'.

The identity, three figures on a podium, arms uplifted in the jubilation of winning or in celebration, represents the three core themes of the Games - sport, culture and friendship.

The figures are captured in three colours - red, blue and green. The red represents performance, passion and success; the blue symbolises intelligence, confidence and reliability and the green represents loyalty, balance and generosity. They sit on a yellow background, indicating the competitive, powerful and cheerful elements of the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, with lettering in black, representing solidarity and strength.

The corporate identity is a celebration of sharing and friendship with the three figures standing on a world stage proud to be part of the Games experience.

By joining hands, the letter 'M' for Manchester is formed, also a crown effect as a tie-in to the Golden Jubilee Year 2002 and blended with the concept of three winning athletes, representing gold, silver and bronze, or indeed, three brothers or sisters in glorious celebration.

The symbolic message is informal and artistic and captures the cheerful atmosphere, sportsmanship and confidence of Manchester. The XVII Commonwealth Games corporate identity is a registered trademark and cannot be reproduced without the express written permission of Manchester 2002 Ltd.